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September, 2013


Dear Parents,


Access to DreamBox, an outstanding web-based math program, will be offered to all students, grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. If your children have used DreamBox before, their accounts have been transferred to their new classes.


This award-winning program lets students work independently, keeping all learners in their optimal learning zone. DreamBox makes math lessons fun and interactive, so children build confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


This is the link that enables your child to play math games from home:


Once you get onto the website, all your child will need to do is click on the class link, then click on his/her name and password.  More info will be shared at Back-to-School Night.


Please do not think of this program as just another math game. The program is a carefully planned curriculum that is individualized to each child based on every click of the mouse.


When is it best NOT to help a child?

Parents naturally want to help a child, who is struggling to learn something new, especially as lessons get harder. However, because DreamBox is constantly assessing your child’s answers to understand what he or she has mastered and what he or she has yet to learn, parental help can sometimes actually make the lessons too hard!


So, with DreamBox, if you provide too much overt assistance, answer for your child, or let a sibling or friend play on his or her account, it is quite possible that the system will temporarily attribute levels of proficiency — or lack thereof — that do not accurately reflect that of your child.                                  


Please note that time in the carnival or arcade should be limited, as that section of the game is the only part that is not individualized to your child’s needs.


Thanks for your support with your child’s math education.



Dr. Geeta Heble                                                                                                                            

Director of Humanities                                                                                Jennifer Tesno 

Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment                                Elementary Academic Coach                                                                


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